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Summer Kids Camps

We are beyond excited to be back to in person learning!

Summer got a whole lot more interesting with our collaboration with 2 of our favorite local environmental non-profits; Summit Community Gardens and Summit Land Conservancy.

We had the opportunity to teach our young budding environmentalist campers all about Planet Earth First and our mission to preserve and replenish our planet by conserving resources, planting trees and educating our community.

We believe that hands on learning is the best kind of learning, so every Friday we host a "build a birdhouse" summer camp workshop. These workshops start off with a bit of instruction, mostly tool safety and building basics - then kids are off to construct their own birdhouse with the help of our master builder, Sarah and each other. Kids are fascinated when they learn that all the materials they are using to build their custom birdhouse is recycled waste that Planet Earth First has rescued from landfills, stored at our warehouse; cleaned and prepped so that it could be repurposed into the very birdhouse they are creating. They are in awe when they realize the material in front of them used to be old house siding, barn roofing, outdoor decking, staircases and even handrails.

They love knowing that they are being environmentally responsible. The best part for us is watching the awareness and passion for our planet come alive through these kids as they recognize going green and recycling is not only easy, but fun!

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